Particulate pollution

During the period of higher pollution levels should do the following

  • Reduce outdoor activities: The potential damage from air pollution increases with vigorous outdoor activities. according to the length of time spent outdoors and the level of pollution severity. Therefore, we can reduce the danger by reducing the level of use of force. (for example walking instead of jogging), reducing your time outdoors. and plan to avoid activities during periods or in highly polluted areas. such as roads with traffic jams and highways with heavy users
  • Staying indoors when pollution levels are high: When pollution levels are dangerously high. Consider staying indoors and moving to indoor activities, such as instead of exercising outdoors. Instead, work out in the gym to take advantage of a cleaner environment.
  • Improve indoor air quality: Close all windows during high pollution periods. Adjust the air conditioner to use indoor air to circulate instead of drawing outside air in. Consider using an air purifier with a highly efficient particulate filter. This is to reduce the level of particles inside the building. But make sure the air purifier is the right size for the room. Take care to keep the surroundings of the house smoke free. And avoid using anything that burns, such as candles, grills, or any other products. smoky
  • Wear a suitable respiratory mask. when properly worn Respiratory masks can filter up to 99 percent of particulate matter that pollute the air (N95 masks filter at least 95 percent, N99 masks filter 99 percent), which are completely ineffective. To combat air pollution from particulate matter, N95 and N99 masks are available at most stores selling home improvement and safety products.

Attention to symptoms: Consult your doctor if you have any new symptoms. that indicates problems with the heart or respiratory system or if you notice that your health has deteriorated

Cr: Pulmonary (Lung) Center , Bumrungrad Hospital